Quinta do Pessegueiro Porto Covo is located in the Alentejo coast, a region of unique features with access in a few hours from any major European airport and an hour and a half from Lisbon. Few places in the world combine such harmony between development and tradition, between comfort and nature, famous for its rich landscape and a wide itinerary of sporting, cultural and leisure activities leading to the discovery of unforgettable experiences.

Porto Covo is a unique place on the Alentejo coast, and it is in this typical village that Quinta do Pessegueiro was born. A venture with high quality standards, with a taste for the sea and nature, and with an enviable landscape beauty, which makes it a reference in our day. With a low population density, it offers different housing solutions for those who privilege tranquility, comfort and family leisure.

The unique beauty of the access points, by the coast, the north or the south, are probably some of the best kept secrets of the traveler’s world. Although increasingly visited by national and international tourists, the region has managed to preserve all the original and authentic features that made it a Nature’s sanctuary.

“Porto Covo in the top ten beaches in the world. Southwest Alentejo beach chosen to be among the best suggestions to spend holidays, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is considered dream destination”Sábado Magazine

The Roads glide smoothly over the plains towards Port Covo, and it is on the Alentejo coast, bathed by the Atlantic, that you’ll find exposed or hidden between rocks, small beaches beneath the cliffs which few have the privilege of knowing.

The Alentejo coast is a map of charming, modern and stylish places, and at the same time natural and unobtrusive. From March to November, the lowest temperature averages a pleasing 11 degrees Celsius which makes the winter mild and gentle during those three or four months. For that reason the Sun is most famous resident of the Alentejo coast. It Warms kilometers of unspoilt beaches and illuminates the sumptuous scenery and offers unforgettable views.

Quinta do Pessegueiro Porto Covo – Discover the region, visit the wildlife parks, discover the crafts, music and culture held at fairs and festivals.

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The implementation of the Quinta do Pessegueiro Porto Covo venture will be carried out in four phases, with the 1st and 2nd phases of construction already consolidated with the 3rd phase in initiation. Plots of land may range from 300 m² to 500 m² and housing construction areas may range up to approximately 230 m².

Quinta do Pessegueiro, with a low population density, offers differentiated housing solutions for those who prefer tranquility, comfort and family leisure.
The design chosen for the villas is of modern architecture, where the rooms have excellent, functional and comfortable areas. The proposed solutions seek to meet the customers’ tastes, both in relation to the location and areas of the plots but also in relation to the villas themselves.
In addition, customers can suggest changes and adaptations, both inside and outside the villa, so that their dream home is a reality. It is our wish that our clients can feel the privilege of being able to affirm:“Now we are part of Porto Covo!



The Alentejo Coast offers many of the best beaches our country has to offer. From Sines to Odeceixe, passing through Porto Covo, the fine white sands melt into the endless, blue and contagious sea landscape, where the mild climate allows you to enjoy the sun, the sea and the night all year round.

These beaches are undoubtedly considered mandatory stops. They are perfect places to challenge the waves and to rest or contemplate all the surrounding landscape. It is a matter of looking for the beach that best suits your taste, as we have from beaches frequented by tourists, others by surfers and if you have the energy and desire to walk you can still find beaches in the wild, where the presence of humans is something rare. The Alentejo coast is the guardian of wild beauty. Tight between cliffs or stretching over long sandy beaches, the beaches invite long walks and are ideal for a perfect day.



The beaches are just one of the many features of the Alentejo Coast. Throughout the region you will find special places ravaged by the natural landscape, among natural lakes, cliffs and other places where you would think the sun was setting just for you.

All this natural beauty can be enjoyed by walking, horse riding, boating, or along the graceful roads that cut through the landscape. Thanks to the good weather being almost always by our side, it will be easy to turn your best moments into lifelong memories. The Alentejo Coast is a destination of choice for those who like the beauty of nature, tranquility, those who want to forget the confusion of the world, break the routine and above all, for those who want to share their life with someone.



Life should also be celebrated at the table, with our cuisine refined over the centuries and accompanied with exceptional wines. From typical and cozy restaurants to simple and popular taverns, you’ll always be in good company.

Here we believe that much of our energy spent is recharged on the table. The restaurants are like sanctuaries, subtly carved in the landscape by gastronomic artisans.
Fresh fish, traditional meat dishes and irresistible desserts made from traditional recipes that are part of the Alentejo cuisine, all is the result of centuries of refinement and is one of Portugal’s greatest treasures. Accompany your meal with Alentejo wine, time to savor and enjoy the art of welcoming.



This is a land of customs and authentic people that has avoided mass tourism but has learned to develop and modernize itself without losing its essence. Here the time is for living, feeling and enjoying.

What is really special cannot be captured in a single photograph. Emotions live within us. In Porto Covo your memories will be composed of peace and sun, with the smell of the sea salt and the aromas of nature, the genuine flavors and the people. The Alentejo coast has an extensive range of activities including fishing and diving, boat trips along the coast, bird watching in the natural environment, walking or cycling, horse riding in the countryside or on the beach, surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, canoeing … in short a myriad of activities that take care of three main concerns: health, fun and relaxation.

Accept our invitation to adventure. Leave the problems behind and become part of our region.



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